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Instructions for use

Here you will find resources and instructions that will enable you to integrate Legit.Health's technology into your system. You can think of this as our documentation, but it's also the instructions for use of our medical device.

What is the right integration method for you?

There are several ways of interacting with the technology, combining different technologies. In order to help you design your integration method, we have compiled three very common combination of technologies:

JSON only

Send images, and get back clinical data. If you are looking for a back-end integration with your own UI, the JSON-only integration is the one for you.

If you only want the image upload interface and a small report, you may benefit from the advantages of embedding an iframe inside your application.

If you need not only the clinical data, but also the specialised user interface. Add Legit.Health into your EHR without any duplicity.

These 3 integration methods are simply a collection of technical combinations and resources that clients have used. However, they can be combined, or mixed, depending on the needs of the customer. In other words: these three groups are not actually different methods, but rather a combination of programming techniques that, in combination, turn out to match the needs of most of our customers.

Useful resources

Table of contents

  1. Table of contents
  2. General information
    1. Label
    2. Alerts and warnings
    3. Intended purpose
    4. Maintenance
    5. Access
  3. Integration
    1. JSON only
    2. Deep Link
    3. iFrame
    4. Frequently asked questions
  4. How to take pictures
  5. Testing the performance
  6. Need support?

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Due to the digital nature of this document, and the digital nature of the device itself, you are seeing the last published version at all times in the URL You may download it as PDF, but we recommed you to read this document in the digital version because the offline use is not the recomended method. This makes specially sense due to the fact that one cannot use the device itself, which is a cloud software, without a device with internet access, eliminating the risk of using the device without instructions.